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Gift box Thank You! is a true celebration itself.

Thank You! Terra includes red wine Terra Tangra with a distinct aroma of earthy minerals and fruits. Rich and diverse of tempting sweets including several types Loacker biscuits, Caprice chocolate cigars, two types of Italian hazelnut spread biscuits, everyone's favorite chocolate spread Nutella and big box of Merci chocolate candies.

Thank You! Terra

Sales Tax Included
  • Terra Tangra Grand Reserve - red wine 0.75l
    Caprice - chocolate sticks 115gr
    Loacker - coconut biscuits 100gr
    Loacker - cappuccino flavoured biscuits 100gr
    Loacker Tortina Original - biscuits 125gr
    Ore Liete - italian biscuits with forest fruits fill 250gr
    Nutella - chocolate spread 450gr
    Il Borgo del Biscotto Maramao - cocoa and hazelnuts biscuits 300gr
    Merci - chocolates 400gr


    All prices are inclusive of VAT.

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